Waverly Hills Sanatorium – 2014

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Louisville, Kentucky






ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated the famous Waverly Hills Sanatorium in April of 2014 with fellow teams Paranormal Distraction and Paranormal Endeavors. We split up by team and investigated certain floors as groups. The location is very large and there is a lot of space to cover during your night investigation. We decided as a team to make this a mobile investigation and carry our hand help cameras and audio equipment throughout the building.

     There are several environmental factors to deal with when investigating this location and the biggest being the wind. The entire upper floors are open to the elements and the wind blows down the hallways. There is also the factor of the darkness which does play tricks with the eyes. There are also colonies of bats living in the building which fly by your head unseen.

     During our walk of the building, we did have a couple of experiences in which we could not account for. One of them being during one of our Echovox sessions on the third floor, a female voice or child voice called out to us “Hello”. We were able to capture this on video and it is displayed below. The other being in the Death Tunnel in which we clearly heard a voice say something. Our organization being skeptical by nature tried to find explanations for these two events but could not. There were many times on different floors in which we heard whispers but they always seemed just out of reach.

     We also contacted our remote viewer Harvey Althaus and were able to conduct a Skype session with him on the upper floors of the building. He did pick up on a couple of possible spirits but we could not get any evidence of them. We also did not see anything we would consider paranormal but the location is very dark and fatigue becomes a factor after several hours of carrying equipment through the halls and the Death Tunnel.

     Our feelings is that this is an amazing place to investigate as a paranormal investigator that really needs more than one night of investigation and we hope to return at some point in the future. 


Below is the data that we collected during that night.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

1st – First Floor

2nd – Second Floor

3rd – Third Floor

4th – Fourth Floor

DT – Death Tunnel

EV – Captured using the Echovox Application

SB7 – Captured using MEL-SB7 spirit box


















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