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Iberia Academy

Iberia, Missouri




ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City had the opportunity to investigate the Iberia Academy in Iberia, Missouri in May of 2013. The Iberia Academy sits right in the center of the town and is owned by a very nice gentleman named Freddy Bee.

      Iberia Academy was begun in 1890 from modest beginnings and grew to encompass over 20 acres of property. The Academy was a large junior college for the region up until the 1950’s. Today, there are several of the buildings still standing but many are in poor condition.

     The Administration Building – This is a three story building which held the chapel. It stills stands today and is filled with many antiques. This is the main building of the entire campus and the main focus of our investigation.

     The Women’s Dormitory – While still standing, this building is on the verge of collapse. We were able to investigate the main floor but it was too dangerous to go upstairs.

     The Gymnasium – This building is now only a stone shell. It burned to the ground some years back and is now just an open pile of rubble.

     We attempted to focus our investigation inside the Administration Building. We decided to set up our DVR system to try and capture any movement in this building. We also set up motion cameras inside the remains of the Women’s Dormitory in case there was any movement inside. We then used our hand held cameras and equipment and moved from building to building.

     During the investigation, it became unseasonably cold outside and it began to rain during most of the night. There were really no personal experiences by any of the team members while we were investigating any of the buildings. The Iberia Academy was actually quiet and quite comfortable. We did capture some EVP evidence from the Administration Building but we did not notice any activity during the time it was captured. Most of the EVPs were captured from the basement and the third floor. Unfortunately, no photo or video evidence was captured during our time there.

     We will say that investigating Iberia Academy is like a trip through time due to the fact that you are surrounded by antiques and books from the early 20th century which are constantly grabbing you attention. Overall, the investigation of Iberia Academy was an enjoyable experience and we hope to return someday.
We want to thank Freddy for the opportunity to investigate this location!




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

EV = Captured during our Echovox experiments
BSMT = Captured in the basement area of the Administration Building.
3rdFloor = Captured on the 3rd Floor of the Administration Building.
SB7 = Captured from the MEL-SB7 Ghost Box








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