The Harrison Street Church

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

The Harrison Street Church

Topeka, Kansas




     ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated the Harrison Street Church in Topeka,Kansas in June of 2011. This location had been featured in the Paranormal State Episode called Church of the Damned. ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was one of the only teams to investigate this location besides PRS of Paranormal State.
ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City conducted interviews with the former caretakers of the building as well as a family who lived there at one time. Both groups of people had various paranormal claims about the building. We found the building to be in a state of extreme decay and the building had quite a few dangerous spots within.
      The investigation was also assisted by Harvey Althaus via telephone in order to try an pinpoint any hot spots within the building. The investigation itself was actually pretty quiet and we did not get much in the way of interaction. We shot video, photographs and recorded a lot of audio from the location. We did find some EVPs in the location but nothing really much in the photos and video. We believe there to be some paranormal activity within the building but we weren’t able to get much interaction with us. Maybe on a different night it could be different.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

Bsmt = Basement Area
Aud = Auditorium Area
Aud_CP = Auditorium Area with Harvey Althaus via Cellphone
Kitch = Kitchen in the lower level
SB7 = Captured from the MEL-SB7 Ghost Box








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