The 3rd Street Asylum – Main Investigation 2013

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

The 3rd Street Asylum

Main Investigation

Bonner Springs, Kansas




ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was asked to investigate the 3rd Street Asylum in Bonner Springs, Kansas in 2013. Due to the size of the location and the fact that it is an active Haunted House attraction, we decided to do a preliminary investigation first.
The building itself was built in 1918 and was once the town High School and then later a middle school. The site the location sits on is very old and at one time is said to be the location of a town graveyard that was later moved.
The owners of the location reported that shadows had been seen on numerous occasions in different parts of the building. Voices and footsteps had also been reported to us by the owners who also employ many extras during the Halloween season.

      The team decided to split into teams of two in order to try and cover every room within the building. We worked with our DVR system and hand held video cameras to try and capture as much as possible. The location itself is hard to maneuver inside due to it’s conversion from a school into a scary attraction.

     This was our second trip to the 3rd Street Asylum and were considering this the main investigation. We decided to only allow one team on the 2nd and 3rd Floors this investigation to minimize any contamination. While investigating we were able to capture a lot of audio in the building. We did not capture any photo or video evidence. The building itself seemed much quieter this time around than our previous visit to the location.
Below is some of the audio that we captured during our Main investigation. We did have a lot of noise and movement audio clips but many of these we could explain as noise from the outside. There were not many personal experiences on this trip and we just couldn’t get much interaction with anything. It just goes to show you that you never know what kind of experience you may have in a certain location!

     We hope to pay this location a visit in the not too distant future!

We want to thank The 3rd Street Asylum for asking us to investigate this amazing building!





Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

This location has so many rooms it was hard for us to classify them.
Kitchen = Kitchen Area
Nurse = Area around the old Nurse’s Station
Curt = The Curtain Room
Stg = The Stage Area
Coffin or CFN = Coffin Room
TOP = The Top Floor of the location
SB7 = Captured from the MEL-SB7 Ghost Box












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