Sigma Nu – 2010

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Sigma Nu

Lawrence, KS




ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City returned to the Sigma Nu House for another investigation this summer. In this investigation we used new methods and devices in order to try and produce results. We believe we were quite successful. ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City’s goal in this investigation was to attempt to make contact with the spirits in the home using Instrumental Trans Communication or ITC. What we wanted to find out was more information on the Legend Of Virginia and try and shed some light on what may have actually happened.

     While we did get a lot of responses, we can’t conclusively say we were able to answer all of the questions we hoped for. We feel we did have Stella and Walter Stubbs coming through our ITC device but we also had many more people. This caused the audio to be like a big group of people having a conversation at a cocktail party. Many of the responses were also negative in nature. ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City does not believe that the spirit of the so called person Virginia walks the halls of the home but we do believe Stella Stubbs does. We have posted what ITC communications we thought to be the most relevant.




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