Private Residence – Rural Kansas

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Private Residence

Rural, Kansas




     In April of 2013, ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was asked to investigate a private residence in a small town in Kansas. The family had quite a few claims and had been noticing a lot of activity. The home was located in rural area of the State. The family had been experiencing everything from noises to shadows moving throughout the home and property.

     The team did explore the history of the area and tried to find any natural explanations for the claims. We did have some personal experiences in the home. We also were able to capture some Electronic Voice Phenomena but we were unable to capture any of the shadows.

We really want to thank the homeowners for allowing us to investigate their home and hope to work further to explain the activity in the house.





Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

MB = Master Bedroom
EV = Audio from Echovox experiments
Barn – Barn area






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