Private Residence – Olathe, KS 2015


ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Private Residence

Olathe, Kansas





     In the summer of 2015, ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated a private residence in Olathe, KS. The family had reported to us sporadic activity which had been noticed by the family. Some of the activity reported were things like objects moving, noises and a possible sighting of a ghostly child.

We attempted to capture and document some of that activity but were not successful. We did capture some audio in the home which we have listed below. The home did not seem to have any sense of extreme paranormal activity and if there is something going on there then it may be only noticed when things are very quiet.





Headphones Recommended


 EVP Locations

DR – Dining Room

RR – Rec Room

Kitchen – Kitchen

BSMT – Basement

SB7 – MEL – SB7 Spirit Box

AB – Andy’s Box spirit box

EV – Echovox Application

LD – Lock down , when no one was in the home.