Private Residence – Norborne, MO

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Private Residence

Norborne, Missouri




     In April of 2015, ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was asked to investigate a private residence near Norborne, Missouri. The family that lived there reported to that they had experienced a lot of different activity including apparitions, movement and strange noises. A child in the home was experiencing some of the activity in their bedroom. The adults in the home also reported to us many occurrences as well. It is not always common for the entire family to report activity and experiences to us.

     The family left us to investigate the home and we did set the house with all of our equipment. We recorder on all floors of the home but we did not experience any apparitions or capture any in video. We did do a lock down where we set equipment to record and then vacate the house. During that time we captured a lot of audio of things moving in the home. Some of it sounded as if our equipment was being touched and moved around. We were outside and the residents where not at home.

In our audio we do have the clips listed under movement. There were many strange audio captures in the house that we have below. There were some EVPs as well. The house does have a long history so it is difficult to pinpoint and certain event which could trigger a haunting. The reason why continues to remain a mystery.







Headphones Recommended



EVP Locations

DR – Dining Room

MB- Master Bedroom

LD – Lock Down Time

SB7 – Captured using the MEL-SB7 spirit box