Private Residence Lee’s Summit, MO

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Private Residence

Lee’s Summit, Missouri





     ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated a private residence in Lee’s Summit, MO in the month of November in 2010. The residents of the home had experienced small paranormal events over the space of many years in the home. The events were very infrequent and didn’t seem to happen often or went unnoticed. Some of the events they had experienced were objects being in places where they hadn’t left them, objects being out of place and some things had also turned up missing.
One of the residents had seen a full body apparition one day while doing some work around the house. The children of the home also had seen an apparition of a young girl standing on the stairway when they were much younger.

      While we didn’t experience any outright paranormal activity, we were able to capture an extreme amount of EVPs and many through the cell phone. We also did an experiment where we fed the ITC Ghost Box through the cell phone and we got amazing results.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

MB – Master Bedroom

LR – Living Room

K – Kitchen

BR – Bedroom

SB7 – Caught using the MEL-SB7 Spirit Box












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