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Private Residence

Independence, MO





In July of 2013, ELITE Paranormal was called to a private home in Independence, Missouri.

     The family had heard female cries and screams during the day and night and what they described as gun shots. The home owner had taken a picture of her son and could see half of his face appearing to be different than his own. One of the biggest claims was the banging and shaking of the bathroom mirror.

     We arrived and attempted to step through some of the possible causes of the noises they have heard and a reason why the mirror would move. A shadow had been seen in the hallway and standing in the kitchen. We used a video camera in the kitchen and down the hallway. We also had the FLIR thermal camera recording in the hall. A mini DVR was recording into the bathroom. Five voice recorders were used throughout the home.

     At one point during the investigation we did hear a bang from the bathroom, which the one of the family members said was the bathroom mirror. Upon reviewing the video footage, the top plastic part popped out when it got hot from the light bulb.

     We choose to lock the house down for almost an hour and let the equipment run. We all walked down the street so our voices would not containment our audio, but we could watch the home.
     After the evidence had been reviewed, we were able to capture a few electronic voice phenomena’s but nothing was captured on the FLIR camera or on any video equipment. We did not use any ITC equipment during any evp sessions.

     Overall, we could not capture much in the way of actual activity to explain the shadows, but we did notice there were people outside during the evening and that may explain the woman’s voice or the “gun shots”.
We consider this case inconclusive.



Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

LR = Living Room













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