Private Residence – Holt, MO 2012

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Private Residence

Holt, Missouri





In November 2012, ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was asked to investigate a private residence in Holt, MO. The homeowners had reported to us multiple different types of activity in the home. The house itself sat on land which had previously been a farmhouse. The current home was much more modern and was from the late Twentieth Century.

      The people in the home had been experiencing everything from doors slamming on their own, shadows moving about the home and the owners walking through intense cold spots. The pet door to the basement would also lock on it’s own trapping the family cat in the basement.

      We were able to investigate the home and try to find some reason for the activity. We also investigated the wooded area behind the home. During our investigation we did not come across any abnormal environmental factors like high ElectroMagnetic Fields or improper wiring. All of the appliance and the house itself were rather new. We could also find no reason for the pet door to be locking on it’s own. We cannot rule out that perhaps it is being locked by mistake by the children in the house.

     We had static cameras throughout the home but were unable to collect any video evidence. We did capture quite a lot of EVP evidence in the home. We captured the voices of children and adults at a time when there were no children in the home. We also captured voices whispering and some of them making some loud statements.

     After consulting with Harvey and the team , we did focus on some antiques in the home as a possible source for the activity. The homeowner planned to remove some of these items and see if the activity might lessen and perhaps begin to fade. Sometimes having these objects in the home can bring about some of this activity.
We really want to thank the homeowners for allowing us to investigate and we can’t wait to hear the results of the removal of some of these items.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

LR = Living Room
BM = Basement
DR = Dining Room
UP = Upstairs








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