Private Residence – Gladstone , MO 2013

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Private Residence

Gladstone, MO






ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated a private residence at a home in Gladstone, MO in April of 2013.

     The homeowner had experienced many strange claims in the home. There were claims of shadows, noises and full bodied apparitions had been seen. Several different apparitions were reported to us in the downstairs and upstairs of the home.

     We arrived and attempted to step through some of the possible causes of the noises and footsteps which had been heard. The home was a duplex which meant that we could rule out the footsteps and a lot of the noises as neighbors. Some of the noises we could also explain as appliances and other natural causes.

     We also attempted to find explanations for the shadows seen in the home. They could have been a trick of light from the windows but we could not prove that for sure. We did notice that there were extremely high Electromagnetic Fields in the kitchen are of the home which could explain some of the paranoia experienced by the homeowners.

    The one thing that we could not explain or substantiate were the full bodied apparitions which had been seen by different residents. We were unable to capture them or find natural explanations for what they described.

     We did attempt several ways of communication with any spirits that might be present using our new Detuned MEL-SB7 spirit box and we decided to try a new tool called Echovox which is very similar to a Spirit Box by using chopped up speech and echo to create a sort of white noise. There is no words but just a chopped noise. We had mixed results using both and did have some captures. The lack of EVPs however make it hard to match the claims back to our ITC captures.
     Overall, we could not capture much in the way of actual activity despite the ITC captures that we have. We will put them out there for listening as they are interesting.

We consider this case inconclusive.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

LR = Living Room
EV = Echovox ITC experiment
DSB7 = Detuned SB7 Spirit Box








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