Private Residence – Chanute, KS 2nd Visit

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Private Residence

Chanute, Kansas

2nd Visit




Rob Garcia of ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City joined forces with Justin Spurrier of Spurrier Paranormal in order to investigate a home in the Chanute, KS area. The homeowners had been working with Justin for some time before this investigation and he had been doing research on the history of the home.

The homeowners had reported a wide variety of activity and experiences to Justin including apparitions, shadows, noises upstairs at all hours, touching, disembodied voices, interrupted sleep and a feeling of dread in the house.

The investigation was joined by two other investigators and we set the home with cameras, audio and used several spirit boxes in order to make contact. We also contacted our remote viewer friend Harvey Althaus who did a live reading on the home.

During out time there the team also experienced several different types of activity. The list of things which we experienced include the following.

  • Noises like people jumping upstairs when no one was up there.
  • Disembodied voice of a girl from an empty bedroom.
  • Knocking in the house and knocks in response to requests.
  • When all participants were in the basement, movement and voices in other parts of the house.

The team used spirit boxes and the SCD-1 app which are part of the audio library. Some files are slowed so that the responses can be heard. This investigation was extremely active for one visit and opened up a lot more questions about the nature of the haunting.


2nd Visit

This investigation is a return visit to the home during which the family had begun to move out. The atmosphere in the home was totally different from the first time we investigated the house. The house was quiet and we heard almost none of the noises we heard the first time we were there.

One major thing that did happen was a large stack of books which was in the dining room went flying into the center of the room with a large crash. It was loud enough to make us all jump and try to debunk how this could have happened. According to the homeowner, this stack of books had been there for days and had not moved an inch during the time they moved furniture past it. We could not explain during our examination how this happened and it left us scratching our heads since we were all standing still.

This investigation did have many EVPs and they are listed below in the player.


The family has since moved out.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

DN – The downstairs of the house

Up – The Upstairs

SCD1 – The SCD1 Spirit App.






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