Private Residence – Blue Springs, MO 2010

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Private Residence

Blue Springs, MO





ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City helped Kansas City Paranormal Investigations with a case in Blue Springs, Missouri. This case was for a family of seven which had been having problems with an aggressive haunting. The family had two teenage daughters which seemed to be the center of the activity in the home. One daughter in particular was the focus of the haunting activity. The family and the daughter had experienced doors opening, items moving, bed shaking, scratching, shadows moving on the stairway and bite marks. Several family members had also complained of phantom mania dreams in which they were interacting with the entities. After Kansas City Paranormal Investigations conducted their initial interview and left the home, a full bodied shadow person was seen by several family members at the top of the stairway.

     After this event it was decided that an investigation of the home be expedited. During the investigation, the investigators did experience knocking, doors opening, shadows moving and disembodied voices were heard. During our investigation, we decided to have Harvey Althaus help us remotely over the telephone to try and discern what was happening at the home. Harvey was able to determine that there was at least two spirits in the home and one was an attachment spirit of a relative which had been with the family for some time. This spirit was acting as a protector against the negative entities within the home. It was also determined that the daughters were sensitive to paranormal activity.

     Once the investigation data had been reviewed, we were able to capture almost 90 EVPs within the small home. The family also informed us that one of the daughters had been pushed and punched since our time at the home. We decided to reach out for some help for this family and we were put in contact with David Franklin Farkas. David helped the family by clearing the house of the entities which were present. The family has stated that things are much calmer than before although some small activity does still occur. The family has also since moved to another home. This stands as one of the more challenging cases that ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City has been involved with. Due to the sensitive nature of the haunting, only some of the EVPs will be posted. To contact David Franklin Farkas, please visit



Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

bsmt – Basement  of the home

SB7 – The MEL-SB7 Spirit Box









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