OSPH – 2010

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Old South Pittsburg Hospital

South Pittsburg, Tennessee

09/18/2010 – 09/19/2010



     Rob Garcia of ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City participated in the Paranormal Camp at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in South Pittsburg Tennessee. While there he was able to meet and investigate with many well know paranormal investigators. The hospital now sits unused as a medical facility. It was opened in 1959 and was the main medical facility for the town until 1998.

      The Hospital is now a hotbed of paranormal activity and hosts many paranormal investigations. The Hospital has been featured on paranormal television shows like Ghost Lab.

     During the investigation there, Rob had an unseen presence whisper in his ear “Hey!” while he was investigating the Geriatric wing by himself. A child’s ball was also found to be moving on the third floor when no one was looking. Below is a collection of EVPs captured during his time there.



Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

GER – Geriatric Wing

2nd – Second floor

ICU – Intensive Care Unit

SB7- MEL – SB7 Spirit Box









EPKC Photossmall








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