Mainly Coffee

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Mainly Coffee

Platte City, Missouri




     ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated Mainly Coffee, a coffee house located in Platte City, Missouri. The owner had reported to us that there had been some incidents of general unease inside the building and some of the employees had been fearful of the kitchen area of the establishment. ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated the business with the owner’s participation and tried to find some evidence of paranormal activity. During our investigation we did have some EMF Meter interaction in the bar area of the coffee house that seemed to answer our questions as we asked them. We also captured quite a few Evps during this session. We attempted a lockdown session while we there which gave little results.
      During our time there we did capture some Evps in our audio even though we were battling machine noise and karaoke night next door. It was made aware to us that during the Civil War, this area of town had burned to the ground a couple of times. There is also an antique store next door to the establishment. Antique Stores frequently experience paranormal activity due to the amount of beloved objects they hold from people’s lives. There could be a connection of the paranormal activity and the antiques stored in the building next door but it could be difficult to prove without an investigation of the antique store as well.
Using a list of names of former owners of this property, dating back to the 19th century, we attempted to make contact and we believe we did have some results.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

L = The front Lounge area
LD = During the Lockdown time period
K = The Kitchen in the back
SB7 = Captured from the MEL-SB7 Ghost Box







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