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The Battle of Lone Jack

Lone Jack, Missouri





     ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated the Battle of Lone Jack Historic Site in Lone Jack, Missouri in September of 2011. The investigation involved not only the battlefield site but also the graveyard and museum. Normally we do not investigate cemeteries but since these fallen soldiers are buried on the site of the battle, we found this to be unavoidable in this case.
      The Battle of Lone Jack was an engagement which took place on August 16th, 1862 between Union and Confederate forces in Missouri. The battle was the result of Union Forces trying to prevent the Confederates from recruiting in Western Missouri and to try and hold the region in the Union. The battle itself was extremely intense for that stage in the Civil War. The epicenter of the battle was the street which is now S Bynum Road. The Confederates attacked east towards the Union positions creating a bloody melee for the two Union cannons which were pointed West.
      The battle resulted with a Confederate victory when Union forces retreated to Lexington, Missouri. Casualties for the battle were well over 300 men. At least one female civilian was killed in the battle as well. Mrs. Cave who resided in the Cave Hotel was shot on the western side of the road while carrying her child through the tall weeds. Quite a few of the casualties from both armies were buried on the battlefield site in two separate slit trenches and remain there today. The battle also resulted on the death of a high number of horses which were used as barricades against gunfire and littered the field after the battle.
      The investigation by ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was very quiet during our time there. We had no real personal experiences to speak of. We did get a lot of EVP evidence from the site but had to battle the road noise of the nearby highway. We also used two different spirit boxes on the location and had quite a bit of responses which we are including as part of the EVP list.

      ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City wants to thank the Lone Jack Historical Society for allowing us to conduct this investigation on this site. This battlefield is an endangered historical location and we strongly suggest that you show support by visiting this very interesting location. We also ask that you follow the link below to the Lone Jack Historical Society website and learn more about this very interesting event in Missouri history.



Headphones Recommended



EVP Locations

GY = Battlefield graveyard
BF = Out in the Battlefield Grounds
MU = Inside the museum
SH = Captured with a modified Radio Shack radio
SB7 = Captured from the MEL-SB7 Ghost Box








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