Hannah Jo Cusack Home 2013

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

The Hannah Jo Cusack Home

Atchison, Kansas






     ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City conducted an investigation of the Hannah Jo Cusack House in Atchison, Kansas in November of 2013. The team came and listened to the many stories of the owners about past investigations and some of the spirit activity in which they had encountered over the years.

In our attempt to find some of the same activity, we decided to set up the DVR system and run cameras to several rooms in the house. We made the dining room our base area and conducted many of our ITC experiments from there. We also set trap cameras in a few locations throughout the house.

We also conducted a session with our friend Harvey Althaus via telephone. During our session, Harvey picked up on the spirit of a young girl in the home who likes to run around and do mischevious things. In our attempt to capture some evidence of Katie, we captured a small child voice come over the cell phone while speaking to Harvey.

We also attempted to capture evidence using our FLIR camera , IR cameras and Full Spectrum camera systems. We also ran our kinect computer setup in the upstairs sitting eoom but we were unable to detect any movement. The room did provide some interesting EVPs however. There was a moment downstairs where the front door of the home opened by itself with a large boom. This caused the family dog to run to the front door to see who was there.

    We were not able to capture any video or photographic evidence while we were in the home but were able to capture a lot of audio. The home is very interesting and does seem to contain some level of activity! We hope to return.




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EVP Locations

LR = The Living Room
BR = Upstairs Master Bedroom
DR = Dining Room of Main House
SR = The Sitting Room Upstairs
Up = The upstairs hallway
CH = Captured using the Chief Spirit Box
EV = Captured using the Echovox App
SB7 = Captured from the MEL-SB7 Ghost Box





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Headphones Recommended




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