Spectre A.D.

 Spectre A.D. is now live!

This is a new group page for sharing paranormal evidence and events.

This is sponsored by our team and we hope you will come out and join in!

We need your input and participation!

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  1. I stayed at the Sheraton crown center last weekend with my mother and sister for a girls weekend. We managed to get our room upgraded to a fantastic corner 2-room suite. The first night we arrived we edited to stay in and watch a girls chick flick and eat Minsky’s pizza we had delivered. None of us had been drinking. While we were sitting on the clinches watching the movie I saw a man walk through the hallway between the door to our suite and the bedroom. I didn’t want to alarm my mother and sister so I got up without telling them why and any to check the door to see if we hadn’t closed it when we had come back with the pizza. It was closed and we were the only ones in the suite. It’s the strangest thing when I think about it as I’m positive I saw a man and yet I never felt afraid either of an intruder or a ghost. I can’t say I’m totally convinced about ghosts but I know what I saw and that there is no way it was someone else in our room.

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