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The Villisca Axe Murder House

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ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated The Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa. The background of the events of 1912 are highly documented and can be read about by following the link at the bottom of this page. An entire family of two parents and their four children as well as two visiting children were slain with an axe in the middle of the night. The crime itself was incredibly horrific. It also remains an unsolved crime to this day with many theories and possible suspects. This synopsis will focus more on our experiences in the house.

      The house itself had had many many paranormal investigators visit the home. It has been featured on several television shows and does have a reputation. Three members of ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated the house on the occasion. Villisca, Iowa is actually not that great of a distance from Kansas City. Rob, Wes and Christina drove up in the early afternoon.

     When you approach the house it does not seem like a paranormal hot spot but just looks like a small turn of the 20th century house. When we arrived we tracked down Johnny Houser who is the caretaker of the home. We talked to Johnny for quite awhile and went over some events and history of the home. We began our investigation in the mid to late afternoon.

     Upon entering the house, you quickly get the feeling that something is just not right there. Even though it does have a reputation, the home itself seems dark and filled with dread even in the daytime. We set up our equipment and began to get everything running for what would be an eventful night.

     There is no power in the home except for an extension cord running from the outside. The entire time we were in the home, the EMF meters constantly went off in all locations of the home. We also had the Paracorder electrostatic meter constantly being triggered when it was sitting all alone. While inside the home you get the sense that someone is watching you at all times and sizing you up. The only way to describe the feeling is dread and a fight or flight sensation.

     We investigated throughout the home and focused on the upstairs bedrooms for the first quarter of the investigation and it was actually quite quiet except for the EMF meters. Since there was no heat as well we took breaks and drove to the store leaving our equipment running and the home padlocked. During these times we captured movement sounds in the home. Upon returning we decided to use the MEL-SB7 inside the home and really didn’t feel we had any standout communications using it. After the fact we did capture some evps and some responses that weren’t clear when we first heard them. We then decided to telephone Harvey Althaus, our remote viewer. Harvey began to read for us and he quickly picked up on the there being children upstairs in the home hiding. He also picked up on a darker spirit who was downstairs and who was not happy about the viewing. Harvey also felt that the children tended to avoid the areas where this spirit tended to roam which was the kitchen and basement areas.

     By this time we were nearing about 11:00 PM in the home. We continued to work with Harvey and moved throughout the home and felt the female children hid from Rob out of a resemblance to the killer. We worked upstairs for quite awhile and then decided to go back downstairs. This is when things became very interesting.

     We tried several attempts to get outright communication in the home and did have EMF hits upon asking to touch our meters. We began to work in the kitchen and this is when Harvey began to sense that something wasn’t quite right. Harvey instructed Wes to stand between the back door and Christina because he felt that this darker spirit was blocking the door outside. Rob then got behind Christina between her and the living room and stair area. It was then that the dark entity struck.

     The entity somehow went around Wes and Rob in order to attack and go through Christina. Christina described the feeling as if someone was trying to push her out of her body. She quickly said “I have to get out of here!” and moved Wes out of the way and exited the house. She physically moved Wes out of the way and Wes is not a small man. She spoke to Harvey on the phone and tried to get herself back together outside in the barn. During this time in the kitchen we got evps like “You Bitch” etc…

     The team exited to the barn at this time and tried to focus on what happened in the kitchen. Being experienced investigators we decided that we could not continue with the investigation after this point. Rob and Wes returned to the home and broke down the equipment and we packed up for the night.
We felt that even as experienced investigators who have done many darker investigations, when a team member suffers an attack you must attend to them first. This house is probably one of the darkest and saddest places we have investigated and definitely lived up to it’s reputation.

We hope to return to the house in the not too distant future.



Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

CB = Children’s Bedroom
MB = Master Bedroom
K = Kitchen
CS = Attic or crawlspace
CP = Cell Phone capture
SB7 = Captured using the MEL-SB7 Spirit Box














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