USS Hornet 2012

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

U.S.S. Hornet

Alameda, California





Rob Garcia of ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City, traveled to the San Francisco area to investigate the U.S.S. Hornet with Harvey Althaus and Darklands Paranormal. The U.S.S. Hornet is a Essex Class aircraft carrier which participated in Word War II, the Korean War and Vietnam. She was also an active participant in the Apollo Space Program. The ship is said to be haunted and has been featured on both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.
We attempted to investigate as much of the ship as possible but focused primarily on Sick Bay, the Geedunk area, a mess deck and the engine room. We also did some work in the brig area. Being US Navy veterans we attempted to use Navy vernacular when speaking to any spirits. We also experimented by playing Navy sounds over the 1MC announcement system in order to heighten activity.
      There were many personal experiences while on the ship and the Geedunk area and sick bay really stood out as active places during the investigation. There were also some very high quality EVPs captured in the Brig. While some areas that seemed more quiet also provided us with some EVPs, the engine room being one of them.
The ship is so large that you would really need more than one night in order to investigate and explore the whole ship. It is however and extremely active location with quite a lot of history and activity



Headphones Recommended




EVP Locations
2ndSteering = The Secondary Steering Compartment
Brig = The Brig or Jail
Burn = The Burn Compartment in the Sick Bay
ER = The Engine Room
Geedunk = Geedunk or Snack Bar area
Mess = An enlisted man’s Mess Deck
Surg = A surgery compartment in the Sick Bay


















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