Undisclosed Location – Lawrence, KS

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Undisclosed Location

Lawrence Kansas



ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City conducted an investigation of a very large Undisclosed Location in Lawrence, Kansas. The building is made up of 3 floors as well as a finished basement area. We worked throughout the home using DVR video, Hi-8 video cameras, Full Spectrum Camera, Still Cameras and audio recorders.

     We were successful in the capture EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomenon throughout the home. Most were captured in different locations within the building. We conducted this investigation with several associates which include Nightwatchers, Kansas City Paranormal Studies, Wendy Garrett and Andy Snell and guests from the location.

Listed below are the EVPs which we were able to capture.


Headphones Recommended

EVP Locations

Comp Room

Back Stairs

2nd Floor










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