The Mansion 2014

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The Mansion






     ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was asked to investigate a large 19th century mansion in Missouri in 2014.  The Mansion has a long and turbulent history that is filled with family tragedy and strife. It is also the scene of a lot of fighting during the Civil War. The home itself is very unique and in its day was a large way-station in the area. The home and it’s buildings once covered a large area and the grounds were huge. 

During our investigation, we attempted to make contact with many historical figures in the home using normal EVP methods and ITC methods. We were successful in interacting with at least one person from that time and did have them respond to us. We were able to capture some EVPs in the home as well as the sounds of footsteps walking. We did not capture any activity on video or photos while in the home but we did capture a lot of audio. Our friend Harvey Althaus , our remote viewer also called in to give his impressions of the location. This location is so large that it cannot be covered in one investigation and we have been invited to return in 2015. We can’t wait to return to this beautiful location.

It is a history lover’s dream.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

DR – Dining Room

CR – The Cora Room

3rd – The third floor – servant’s quarters

SB7 – MEL-SB7 Spirit Box

DSB7 – De-tuned MEL-SB7 Spirit Box

EV – Echovox Spirit Application

CH – Chief Spirit Box

CP – Captured over the cell phone















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