The Mine Creek Battlefield – 2012

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City


Mine Creek Battlefield

Pleasanton, Kansas




ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City had the opportunity to investigate the Mine Creek Battlefield in Pleasanton, Kansas. The location is the site of one of the major cavalry battles of the Civil War. After the Battle of Westport in October 1864, General Price’s Confederate Army were retreating south through Kansas on their way to Oklahoma and Arkansas. It was at this location that two brigades of Union Cavalry under the command of Colonels Benteen and Phillips caught the Confederates trying to ford the creek.

      In a quick cavalry charge, the Union Army of 2,500 was able to rout the 7,000 Confederates. There were around 1,300 casualties for both armies combined with most coming from the Confederate side. It is documented that up to as many as 1000 Confederates were captured including Generals Marmaduke and Cabell. Some Confederate prisoners were executed on the site for wearing captured Union uniforms. Many of the casualties were also buried in mass graves somewhere on the battlefield.

      The site itself is enormous and we investigated it during the daytime. This posed some issues due to the noise of the nearby highway and the high winds. The are is a large open field which descends into some woods containing the creek itself. We worked our way around the battlefield and attempted to document and investigate each area of major action.

      We were unable to produce any video or photographic evidence but we did have a few EVPs that we picked up in different areas. We are hoping to return and investigate in the night time hours in hopes for less noise pollution.

We want to thank the Kansas State Historical Society for this wonderful opportunity!



Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations
BF = Open Battlefield Area
Hosp = The area used as a Field Hospital
MC = The area of the Mine Creek ford
SB7 = Captured from the MEL-SB7 Ghost Box








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