The Eldridge Hotel 2014

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Eldridge Hotel

Lawrence, Kansas





ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City conducted an investigation of the Eldridge Hotel in downtown Lawrence, Kansas in January of 2014.The team used stories and claims from employees and research to focus our investigation.

     The majority of the activity was reported from room 506 so this is where we set up the stationary equipment.  We used a video recorder and a thermal in this area.  We conducted several EVP sessions within this room.

     The teams also split into different groups and investigated the Crystal Ballroom, the Captain’s Chair, and The Big 6 Room.  We used cameras and digital voice recorders in these areas.

     We were unable to capture any evidence on video or thermal, but a few EVP’s were captured in room 506 and The Big 6 Room.
    We want to thank the owners for the opportunity to investigate this location!




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