Sigma Nu – Lawrence, KS 2009

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Sigma Nu Fraternity

Lawrence, KS




We attempted to capture evidence throughout the home. Night vision cameras were used on the third floor in the Bowery , Stage room and in the Ward. We were unable to capture any evidence on video camera the night of he investigation. Still photographs, Full Spectrum Photographs and Infra Red photographs were also taken throughout the entire location. We were also unsuccessful in capturing any evidence using the photographic equipment.

     We were successful in capture EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomenon throughout the home. While some small ones were captured in the Bowery and the Ward, the majority of the EVPs captured were in the Senior Room during a joint session with the entire team from Nightwatchers, Kansas City Paranormal Studies, Wendy Garrett and Andy Snell , ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City, guests and members of the Sigma Nu fraternity.

This one hour session in the Senior Room proved to be the most fruitful of the night.





Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

Senior – Senior Room

Ward – Ward Room

Bowery – Bowery Room







EPKC Photossmall








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