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Private Residence

Raytown, Missouri





     ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated a private residence in Raytown, MO in the month of November in 2010. The residents of the home had been experiencing different forms of paranormal activity such as moving objects, kitchen cabinets opening, flashes of light, quick shadows and a nervous dog. The had also experienced the bathroom faucett coming on by itself, the sound of someone rummaging through different kitchen cabinets in the middle of the night and the feeling of pressure on the bed as if someone had sat down while they were sleeping. The residents were very fearful when they contacted us and we decided to move quickly to investigate the home. Kansas City Paranormal Investigations helped with this investigation along with Harvey Althaus who did a remote viewing during the investigation as well.

     Harvey helped the team by viewing the location and determining that the spirit of a previous owner still resided in the home after her death. He also believed that other spirits were coming and going through an underground spring which acted as a conduit to a large cemetery nearby. Several cell phone EVPs were captured during our time talking to Harvey. We felt Harvey was able to provide a lot of insight for us as well as the residents of the home. We continued to consult the residents after we had conducted our investigation.

      It was the day after our investigation that one of the residents contacted ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City and told of seeing a full apparition of a woman walk from one bedroom to another while they were watching televsion. Activity continued to remain high before and after our investigation.

     We were able to capture an enormous amount of EVPs during our time in the home. There are so many that we cannot list them individually but will provide a link to them. We will try to cover some of the more astounding ones we captured. We will list them by location in the home.



Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

LR -Living Room

bsmt – Basement

CP -Cell phone capture

SB7  – MEL-SB7 Spirit Box










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