Private Residence Oak Grove , MO

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Private Residence

Oak Grove, Missouri






     In September of 2013, ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was asked to investigate a private residence in Oak Grove, MO. The homeowner had reported to us strange photographs and some other strange occurences. We investigated and attempted to replicate the photographs and catch anomalies in video and still photographs but we could not get them as the homeowner did. We concluded that they may be a result of their equipment in which they were photographing them.

     We did not capture anything out of the ordinary in video or photos but we did capture some EVPs in the home. Some of them are quite intriguing. We also had some captures from our MEL-SB7 and our Echovox ITC experiments.

     Our friend Harvey Althaus did call in for a period of time and helped us with this case. We did check the history of the home but could find anything unusual in it’s past. We do believe there may be some level of activity in the home but we could just not prove or disprove the claims of the homeowner. Without further investigations, we will consider this case open.

    We really want to thank the homeowners for asking us to investigate!



Headphones Recommended



EVP Location
LR = Living Room
CP = Captured over the Cell Phone
EV = Captured using the Echovox application.
SB7 = Captured using the MEL-SB7 Spirit Box.










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