Private Residence – Kansas City, KS 2012

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City


Private Residence

Kansas City, KS



      ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated a private residence at a home in Kansas City, KS. The home was unoccupied at the time but had a history of paranormal activity in the past. The future residents wanted to know if there was any current activity in the home and if it was still very active.
     The team went into the home and attempted to capture any paranormal activity that we could. We did not notice any outward signs of paranormal activity during our time there. We were able to capture some EVP evidence in the home. Most of the EVP evidence was of a whisper level. We also had a couple of unexplained shadows in photographs but we cannot conclusively say they are paranormal in nature but are very strange.
Our conclusion is that there may be low level paranormal activity in the home but that we felt it was benign and although it could increase, at this time we didn’t see any reason for the homeowners to be overly alarmed.





Headphones Recommended




EVP Locations
Bath = Upstairs Bathroom area
DS = Downstairs area
MB = Upstairs Master Bedroom
UpBr = Upstairs back Bedroom








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