Private Residence – Independence, MO 2014

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Private Residence

Independence, Missouri





ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was asked to investigate a private residence in Independence, MO in February of 2014. The homeowner had been noticing a lot of spirit activity in the forms of shadows, noises and even apparitions. The homeowners pets and grandchildren had also noticed some of the activity. We decided to come to the home and attempt to capture what the homeowner was seeing.

     We set up a camera system in the location where the apparitions had been seen with several of our trigger cameras. Unfortunately, we were unable to capture any of the apparitions that the homeowner mentioned. We did however, hear what sounded like a small girl talking in the home. We also captured a lot of EVPs in the home. Many were quite loud. We also ran some of our ITC devices in an attempt to get activity.  We felt that the only other way we may capture these apparitions would be to film the homeowners sleeping since that is when they had been seen the most.

     Our feeling is there is some level of activity in the home but without extensive follow up investigations we could not capture any more data to supply the homeowner.





Headphones Recommended



 EVP Locations

UP – The upstairs Bedroom

DB – The downstairs Bedroom

EV – Echovox ITC Application

CH – Spirit Box “Chief”

DSB7 – The De-tuned MEL-SB7 Spirit Box
















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