Private Residence – Independence, MO 2013 A

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Private Residence

Independence, MO





ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was called to investigate a private residence in the Independence, Missouri area in May of 2013. The homeowner had been reporting that apparitions and shadows had been seen inside the home at various different times. The activity seemed to be random in nature but did sometimes occur during the nighttime hours. The child of the home was afraid so the team decided to investigate as quickly as possible.

     During the investigation, the child was not present. The team attempted to find any natural explanations for any of the shadows or apparitions in the home. During the investigation, a disembodied voice was heard in the kitchen area by more than one person. We were able to capture the voice on audio but it is difficult to make out what is being said. We then decided to lock the home down and step out and see if we could capture any of the movement or shadows seen with no one present. Unfortunately, none of our equipment was triggered during our lockdown time but we were able to capture some EVPs during the investigation. We also were unable to capture any video evidence during our time there.

We feel there is some level of activity in the home but it did not seem to be malevolent in nature.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

LR = Living Room
BR = Bedroom
LD = Captured during the lockdown of the home.
EV = Captured using the Echovox
SB7 = Captured from the MEL-SB7 Ghost Box









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