Private Residence – Atchison, KS 2012

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Private Residence

Atchison, Kansas




In November 2012, ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was asked to investigate a private residence in Atchison, KS. The home is an older Victorian which is very beautiful. It has been lived in by one family for many decades. The family over the years has experienced quite a lot of paranormal activity and are not shocked or afraid whatsoever. They are quite comfortable in the home and it is a very beautiful place.

      Over the years the family has experienced all sorts of different phenomena. When you are asleep , footsteps can be heard in the attic. Windows will open by themselves and then footsteps are heard as if in warning that someone needs to check into it. Knocking is heard throughout the house and full bodied apparitions have been seen over the years in different parts of the home.

      The team was able to investigate most of the residence which is very expansive. During our time there, the team did have several personal experiences. Two of the female investigators were touched in the home’s office. Knocking could be heard throughout the home and we were able to capture some of this. We were also able to capture a few EVPs and some of these are of a child’s voice. Many of the EVPs and audio may sound like repeats but that is because we captured the sounds on multiple audio recording devices which doesn’t always happen. Unfortunately, we were unable to capture any video evidence but we did have some interesting photographs that are still under scrutiny.

We really want to thank the homeowners for allowing us to investigate and we can’t wait to return to try and explore some of the activity further!




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

LR = Living Room
BR = Bed Room
Office = Office








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