ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Mystery Manor

Omaha, Nebraska




     Rob Garcia of ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated The Mystery Manor in Omaha , Nebraska with the Nightwatchers. The Mystery Manor is a haunted house which is also a haunted fun house during the Halloween season. The house has been a home, apartments and a brothel in it’s past history.
      While I wasn’t able to capture photos or video of activity, I did capture a ton of EVPs and SB7 responses to our questions. I also witnessed and recorded the knocking and tapping on a trunk on the third floor. The knocks and taps seemed to correspond to our questions and requests. Here I list for you all that I captured. Some of it great and some of it you have to really listen for.


Headphones Recommended



EVP Locations

Tilt – The tilt room

Office – The Office Space

Closet – Scary closet room

3rd – Third Floor

SB7 – MEL -SB7 Spirit Box







EPKC Photossmall









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