Mystery Manor 2009

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Mystery Manor

with the Nightwatchers

Omaha , Nebraska





    Rob G. from ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City participated in an investigation of The Mystery Manor in Omaha, Nebraska. This investigation was a Nightwatchers Investigation and Chris Fleming from the television program Dead Famous also participated. The Mystery Manor is a working haunted house which is used to scare people in real life.

     It also contains real spirits which make themselves known from time to time. We worked throughout the home using Hi-8 video cameras, EMF Detectors, Full Spectrum Camera, Still Cameras, Infrared Trap Camera and audio recorders. Chris Fleming brought along his experimental Spirit Radio which he used during the investigation.

     We were successful in the capture of a couple EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomenon throughout the house. Some of the clips featured on this page are during the session with Chris Fleming and his Spirit Radio. A few of the voices coming thru are quite clear.

Listed below are the EVPs which we were able to capture.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

Not Recorded







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