Midway Truck Stop 2013

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

The Midway Truck Stop

Columbia, Missouri





ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated the Midway Truck Stop in Columbia, MO in May of 2013. The truck stop had been featured on the Travel Channel in several shows on television. We went there to try and find evidence that a certain room in the hotel had paranormal or supernatural activity. We setup in the room with our equipment and decided to run spirit box experiments. We also decided to lock the room and let our equipment record the room.
      Unfortunately, the hotel is a very active place with very thin walls. All sounds of the rooms around the room in question could be heard in both audio and video. This includes televisions ,radios and children. While we did get a few responses on our spirit box, we could not capture any other EVPs or evidence of paranormal activity. The only event we had in the room was that one of our REM-POD devices did activate indicating something had violated it’s field. We just didn’t have any other activity to correspond with that event.

Therefore, we will call the case of the Midway Truck Stop inconclusive.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

SB7 = Captured using our MEL-SB7 Spirit Box.








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