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Kendrick House

Carthage, Missouri





In May of 2014, ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated the Kendrick House in Carthage,MO. The Kendrick house is a home which was built in 1849 and was used as a command center for both the Union and Confederate (Missouri State Guard) armies during the Battle of Carthage in 1861. The home was the site of many bloody surgeries of wounded casualties by both armies. There is a large table in the old porch area in  which many of these surgeries were performed. The home was also known to have several slaves during that time including one who was hung somewhere behind the building. There is also rumors of certain voodoo or hoodoo type practices being done by the slave population at the home.

     During the battle the armies brought their horses into the parlor and hoof prints can still be seen in the wood floor today. This was done to prevent their theft or giving away that the soldiers were in the home. The home is filled with many generations of the family all the way up to the 20th Century. There are several child deaths during the 19th Century and  lot of coming and going to this home.

     In our time there, we experienced cold spots, disembodied voices and several sounds of movement in different parts of the home. Some of the movement sounded like footsteps. We used all of our photographic equipment in the home but could not capture any paranormal photographs. We filmed several ITC sessions and had an amazing amount of responses throughout the home, especially in the parlor and the children’s bedroom. Having investigated many Civil War locations throughout the mid west we can clearly say that when the sun goes down, this house comes alive.





Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

DR -Dining Room

CB or KB – Children’s Bedroom

MB or MBR  -Master Bedroom

Parlor or P – Parlor

K – Kitchen

EV – Captured with the Echovox App

CH = Captured using the “Chief” Hultay Box

SB7 – Captured using the MEL-SB7 Spirit Box

















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