John Wornall House Public 2011

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

The John Wornall House and Museum

Public Ghost Hunt

Kansas City, Missouri





     ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated conducted a Public Ghost Hunt and investigation at the John Wornall House and Museum for the Halloween Season.
During our investigation we gathered all of the people who participated in the hunt in carriage house. There we went over who we are and what we do. We talked about the history of the home and some of the evidence which we have captured in the past there. We performed a SB7 session in the Carriage House with the group and talked about some of the place which are said to be hot spots in the home.
      We next split everyone into groups and took them throughout the different locations in the home and showed them some of the ways we conduct our investigations. We also gathered everyone on the landing and and had Harvey Althaus attempt to read the location while we listened.
We wrapped up the evening by trying to rotate everyone throughout the different locations in the home. Some interesting things did occur while we were investigating. We did get a 3 knock reply to our asking in the children’s bedroom. Harvey was also able to read for one of the guests about a person that he knew who may have been coming through. EVPs were captured throughout the investigation and the kitchen seemed to yield the highest amount this time around.
We sincerely hope that everyone who participated found the event to be fun and educational and we hope to do it again next year!




Headphones Recommended

EVP Locations

DR = Dining Room
MB = Master Bedroom
BR = Bedroom
Parl = Downstairs Parlor with piano
CP = Main building with Harvey Althaus
CB = Children’s Bedroom
K = Kitchen
WH = Downstairs landing area/ Parlor
SB7 = MEL-SB7 Ghost Box








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