Glore Psychiatric Museum 2012

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

The Glore Psychiatric Museum

St. Joseph, Missouri




     ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated The Glore Psychiatric Museum in St Joseph, Missouri. We investigated all of the hallways and tunnels throughout the museum and attempted to capture paranormal activity. During our time there, we never noticed any outward paranormal activity on the premises.
      The building used to be part of a psychiatric hospital named State Lunatic Asylum Number 2 which opened in 1874. The museum itself was the work of Dr. George Glore who spent 41 years building the collection. The hallways and rooms are filled with artifacts from the patients as well as some historical artifacts from the Civil War and Native Americans.
      We were able to capture some EVPs within the building. Are they a result of the spirits of the former patients or are they linked to all of the artifacts contained within the building? These are questions we may never know.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

2ndHall = Second Floor Hallway
MO = Morgue area
Nat = Native American Exhibits
TR = Torture Room Display
TU = Tunnels

































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