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Gilchrist House

Emporia, Kansas





     In May of 2014, ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City was invited to Emporia, KS to investigate the Gilchrist House. The house was built in 1876 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The homeowner had described to us a lot of different types of activity in the home and invited us to come investigate the claims. The claims were that there were many apparitions, objects movement and perhaps an angry spirit in the barn.

We conducted the investigation by setting the home with our DVR system and covering the home with some of trigger devices in different locations.  We measured for all three types of EMF in the home. We conducted several EVP sessions in different parts of the home and the barn area. We also conducted several different ITC sessions in different parts of the home. Harvey Althaus, our remote viewer also called in to try to direct us to any hotspots.

     During our time in the house we did not have any personal experiences of note. We did capture a few EVPs in different locations and also had some ITC interactions via Echovox and MEL-SB7. There was no activity captured on video or in photographs.

Our feelings are that there may be some activity in the home, we could capture only EVP evidence during our time there.




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

1st = The downstairs area of the home

2nd = The Upstairs of the home

BSMT = The basement of the home

Out – Outside the home

Barn – The Barn area

EV -Echovox ITC Application

SB7 – The MEL-SB7 Spirit Box

LD – Captured when the home was locked and no one inside











EPKC Photossmall











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