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Farrar School

Farrar, Iowa






     In August of 2015, ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated the Farrar School in Farrar, Iowa. The school is considered a paranormal hot spot and numerous teams have investigated the location. For this investigation, we teamed up with SPOOKS which is another Kansas City based investigation organization. We investigated the location by splitting our two teams and investigating locations on our own. 

The building itself is quite large and has a lot of areas to cover. It is also in a very remote location in Iowa.  During our time there we did have a few locations in which we felt we had paranormal activity around us. The main locations we felt were on the 3rd floor and boiler room area. The auditorium upstairs also does have a strange feeling at times.

Our investigation, we primarily moved from location to location and attempted as much of our equipment as possible. We conducted a lot of EVP sessions and ITC sessions. The audio we captured is presented here on our MP3 player.

We do feel there is definitely something happening at Farrar Schoolhouse.






Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations

3rd – 3rd Floor

BR – Boiler Room

Aud – Auditorium

Kit – Kitched

2nd – 2nd Floor







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