Current Team

Current Team





Rob Garcia – Founding Member



Wes Guilliams – Founding Member / Tech



Beth Brownback – Case Manager



Tony Allen – Reserve Investigator



Harvey Althaus – Remote Viewer















1 thought on “Current Team

  1. Good morning, I go by Mykuh Bell and I am a 24-year-old male. I am emailing you on this lovely day because I am highly interested in becoming a part of the team and gaining experience in this field. I am not some average gentleman trying to jump into this type of work. I am a serious soul with major gifts and would like to put my gifts to work instead of just letting life fly by and not know where to channel all of this. I have been gifted since the womb, and till this day I am still discovering my power and how intense it seems to keep growing with wisdom and age. Here are a list of the gifts I am 150% accurate I am:

    Lucid Projector ( done only twice)
    Precognitor – the person that develops the capacity to gather information from a possible future.
    Physical ectoplasmic medium
    Telekinesist (performed with changing of channels/ closed doors/ moved paper/ and can turn off technology or cause difficulties to it. )

    I would really like to help the planet and spirits roaming amongst us, I would even like to cleanse and rid of darkness that isn’t needed. I am not ordinary but I am very likeable and easy to get along with. And I would love to make this a part of my journey. I hope to hear from you and get to join the team, I promise I’d be nothing but an asset to your investigations.

    Mykuh Bell

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