Clay Center , Kansas 2009

Clay Center Kansas – Investigation


Bill Joeckel






     James and Susan Presnell and I arrived at Clay Center, Kansas at around 6:00 PM. It was very hot and the humid that night and the temperature was around 95 degrees. When we arrived the family had not gotten there yet, so we explored the house. We discovered that the house had mold on all the walls and trash everywhere.


     We walked around to the back of the house and found that the back door was off the hinges and we could walk right in. The electricity and water had been turned off for about three years so we had to run all of our equipment off of a generator.


     The clients, Destiny and her husband arrived a little later and they took us to the hotspots in the home. She took us upstairs to her old bedroom which is located in the Northwest corner of the house.


     In this room, she said that her brother had noticed a pair of red eyes in the closet. She said he was then picked up and thrown across a flight of stairs to his own bedroom. While I was up there I always felt like something was behind me so I kept checking but I never saw anything.


     It was then that Destiny’s Father showed up and we interviewed him, Destiny and her brother. They all told stories of when they first moved into the house in the early 1990’s that one evening the father could hear his daughter talking to someone in her sleep and he could hear something responding to her. He says he then went in to check on her and no one was there.


     On another occasion, her brothers were walking through the house and peeked into they’re sister’s room. They say they saw what looked like a family sitting at the foot of her bed just watching they’re sister sleep. They said it appeared to be a man and woman with a child. When the family noticed the boys looking at them they disappeared.


     We then set up James’s Pod Equipment and monitoring equipment. The investigation started at 8:30 by us walking through the house and taking measurements and photos. While I was upstairs with James, the family was downstairs by the Pod monitoring station. They said the instruments started going crazy and that they heard footsteps walking by the Pod device. The Pod contains an EMF detector, Magnetic, atmospheric and gravitational detection devices built into it.


     Then at around 10:00 PM, something started to pound on the floor of the living room which is right over the basement area. We hurried downstairs to investigate the noise and it stopped as soon as we ran down the stairs. It was then that we discovered a secret room in one of the walls of the basement.


     We went back upstairs and the family came back into the room with us and the pounding noise started again. This went on for about an hour and occurred four different times. At this point everyone went outside except for James who went upstairs with Scott Jr. They were upstairs for around ten minutes when suddenly Scott said that something had just scratched him. He was sitting in a chair in his old room when the scratch took place.


     I took pictures of the scratches on his arm. Wendy and Andy were inside the house and said that the energy in the house needed to be healed. They stated that the house has seen a lot of deaths and births from when the house was owned by a Doctor at some point.


     They also mentioned that Native American Indians considered this land sacred and that it should not be lived on. Also, that even an earlier race of people considered it sacred to them.


     Andy then performed a clearing ceremony inside the home. The clients, Destiny and her father, went inside the home one last time. They visited the main hot spot which was in her brother’s old room. They sat and tried to talk to the energies within the house and said that when they were done they felt peace like they had never felt there before. The family which had been separated from one another for some time seemed to come together from this investigation as well.


The home in Clay Center, KS was scheduled to be demolished at the end of August 2009.





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