Carthage Opera House 2016

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Carthage Opera House

Carthage, Missouri




ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated the Carthage Opera House in Carthage, Missouri in April of 2016. We had been told the stories of the Opera House by our friends at Paranormal Science Lab so we decided that this would be a great location for this year.

The Opera House itself has a very long history and currently sits above what is now a modern antique shop. The building was also featured on an episode of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters featuring TAPS. The Opera House sits on the main square of Carthage which has a very colorful history from the Civil War until today.

The type of activity that has been described in the Opera House has been a shadowy figure staring out the window onto the street below. Ghostly patrons dressed in their best suits and dresses, ready for a night out. Spirit children playing have been seen as well as shadow people in the back stairwell.

Our investigation consisted of sending in our team in small groups and attempting to elicit activity in the different areas of the upstairs. We gathered our data using IR cameras, FLIR camera, SLS X-CAM, audio recorders and trap cameras. We also had a call from our remote viewer Harvey Althaus who was drawn to the basement of the building but that was a location that we could not access.

We did have a sampling of audio recordings but we were unable to gather any video recordings of any activity. The audio in the Opera House is very hard to hear due to the large cavernous layout of the upstairs. The back stairs seemed to us to be the most interesting area of the building that we could access. Below we have all of the audio clips we recorded at this location. It would be nice to return at a future date with access to all of the areas Harvey Althaus picked up on. Maybe the antique store below may have even more activity?




Headphones Recommended



EVP Locations

OP – The Main Opera House space

BS – The Back Stairs

BR – The back rooms of the Opera House

SB7 – MEL – SB7 Spirit Box

PH – Phasma Box Spirit Application






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