Boulevard Drive In 2014

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City


The Boulevard Drive In

Kansas City, Kansas





In 2014, ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City investigated the Boulevard Drive-In as part of an invitation from the Drive-In Movie Maniacs. This is a local horror show in the Kansas City area. Our investigation was featured on the show in the fall of 2014.  We focused our attention on the snack bar area of the Drive-In and did several ITC sessions in that locations as well as setting up some different investigation equipment. During our investigation we did have some ITC interactions. There were also a couple of instances when some disembodied voices of a women were heard in the backroom of the snack bar. 

Overall, there may be some small level of paranormal activity that exists at the Drive-In but it may only be noticeable when there is no hustle and bustle and the person may be alone.





Headphones Recommended



EVP Locations

SB – Snack Bar

EV – Echovox Application




















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