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After many years of doing private residence cases throughout the area, we at ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City have decided to put a temporary hold on accepting any cases at this time that are not of an Emergency situation. Although we do love to help the public with their situations, we need to take a break in order to train our new investigators who can assist us in the hundreds of hours it takes to review all the data we record on multiple devices. Right now we cannot do that quickly and for us this is not acceptable. 

You may ask, what is an Emergency Situation? That would be where people are being physically assaulted and harassed to the point it is not safe for the homeowners. You must have proof of the Emergency situation.  If you need help finding a group just because you are curious about some possible activity then please message us an we can help you find an organization to investigate.


Thank You,

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

2 thoughts on “Private Residence Cases

  1. Hello, I was really hoping you could help me find someone to talk with like a psychic or any real good spiritual reader that might be able to answer some questions of mine about a possible demonic entity that worrys me deeply after the voice I heard and things I’ve seen. Although it’s not a real emergency for your group this is an emergency for me please help!

  2. Jason , We work exclusively with Harvey Althaus our remote viewer. You can find his information on our resource tab!

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