Jun 292014

Website conversion continues!

We are working extremely hard to get the old site converted to the new one. Once we are complete , expect a lot more interaction from this site in the not too distant future! Right now all of the investigations from 2013 and 2012 are complete! We are working on 2011!

Jun 212014

Welcome to the new site!


Welcome to the new website! We are still adding some features to this site but we felt it was time to take this live!


 The new site has some features that our old site did not have! We have new forums that you can log in using Facebook! The site also has a more interactive gallery!

We have not yet converted our investigation pages but that will be coming very soon! We will be sharing them as they are created. Our new investigation page utilizes sliders instead of boxes but we hope you find them easy!

Thanks for visiting the page and please look for more to come soon!

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City