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Anderson House

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ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City had the wonderful opportunity to investigate the Anderson House in Lexington, Missouri. We asked our friends at Paranormal Science Lab to join us on this investigation of a home which sits dead center in a Civil War battlefield in Missouri.

The Anderson House was the scene of bitter fighting during the First Battle of Lexington which occurred between September 12th and September 20th, 1861. The battle was also known as the Battle of the Hemp Bales and resulted in a Southern victory.

General Sterling Price

Sterling Price

     The house was the home of Oliver Anderson who was Lexington manufacturer and sits atop a hill overlooking the Missouri river. During the battle, the house was first used as a hospital for Union troops which was then captured by General Sterling Price’s Southerners. Considering this a “Violation of the Laws of War”, the Union commander, Colonel Mulligan ordered the house retaken. This set off a series of pitched battles for the house which is still scared by the battle to this day.

Union Colonel James Mulligan

Colonel Mulligan

     The Southerners deployed hemp bales as fortifications which they rolled up the hill in front of them as they advanced thus giving the battle it’s name. It is known that at least three Southern soldiers were executed when captured in the house during one of the skirmishes.

Our investigation consisted of the Anderson House and some of the grounds of the battlefield. There is a small cemetery near the house which contains some unknown Union soldiers which were found long after the battle. The investigation itself was amazing and had incredible results. We captured extremely loud EVPs in our video inside the house. The voices consisted of a women telling our investigator to “Seduce Me” while he walked alone in the house. We also had the voices of men and children.

Below we will show all of the evidence we collected while there. We want to thank the staff of Anderson House as well as Paranormal Science Lab for joining us on this investigation!


Battle of Lexington




Headphones Recommended


EVP Locations and Tools

BSMT – Basement

CSB7 – Computer filtered Mel-SB7 spirit box

Down – The main floor of the house

AB – Andre’s Box

ABE – Andy’s Model E spirit box

SQ – Servant’s Quarters

USG – US Soldier’s Graves









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