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Who is ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City?


We are a team of paranormal researchers who look for evidence of paranormal activity. We come from many different backgrounds and all of us have full time careers in other fields.

Many of us have been researching the paranormal for more than a decade and we have conducted paranormal investigations throughout the Mid West and the United States. We are not “Ghost Hunters” or “Ghost Busters”, we are serious researchers who work hard to conduct our investigations professionally.

We have a lot of experience conducting investigations at historical locales and we have worked with places such as The John Wornall House and Museum, The Alexander Majors Home, The Grinter Place and the Kansas State Historical Society.

Rob Garcia, our founding member also does do radio interviews and does appear at some conventions.

If you are a historical location looking to work with us then please Contact Us!

How do you conduct your investigations?


We conduct what we call a rounded investigation. We use a variety of methods and equipment in our attempts to document evidence. We use an array of cameras, audio equipment, environmental measurement devices, remote viewing and ITC, ITC is Instramental Trans Communication or using an electronic device to try and communicate with spirits. We then try to find connecting points between the data collected on all of these devices to point to a possible source for activity. We also use the services of a remote viewer who tends to point us in the general direction. 

We also used a practical approach and we will look for any natural explanations for any paranormal activity reported to us. Many times a natural explanation can be found for what is interpreted as paranormal.

How do I obtain the services of your team?


Please contact us using one of the many methods on the Contact Us tab. Below is the answer to many of our frequently asked questions.

    • We do not charge for our investigations. We conduct them as a service to you if we believe one is warranted.
    • If you contact us, we will respond to your query and then contact you. We will then conduct a series of interviews about your situation.
    • We cannot take every case that comes to us. We take them on a case by case basis. The reason is there are only so many dates available to us and at this time our team can only take what we consider the most severe situations.
    • It takes roughly one to two months to go over your data to find evidence. That is because it is a painstaking process listening to audio and reviewing video in real time.
    • We will keep all of your personal information private and only publish any evidence with your consent.
    • We will return to your home or to a neutral site to go over whatever evidence we may have captured.
    • We cannot “cleanse” your home or make spirits leave. We are evidence gatherers and presenters who give you information you need. We can then put you in touch with a third party who works in that field if you so choose too.


I want to join your organization.

We are asked this question quite a lot and here is what you have to do. Contact Us and let us know that you want to join.

We do not hire new people all of the time and only when we feel that the person would be a good mix. Here are some of the things we look for.

    • Applicants with a daytime profession and who are employed.
    • Applicants who have an education in the sciences.
    • You must be available on weekends and be willing to review data.
    • You must be willing to pitch in with equipment setup.
    • You must be open to instruction from the senior members of the team. Nothing is personal.

Any new members will be in a probationary period until we feel that they are a good match for this lifestyle.

Yes, this is a lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I have an amazing photo of what looks like a ghost (the best I have ever seen) that my mother-in-law took in her home in Northern Topeka. She is somewhat disturbed by this photo and doesn’t want anything to do with it. She does NOT want this photo to go viral on the web! However, this photo is utterly amazing and I want professional an opinion of a professional. My contact number is 785.230.0172 Believe me, you will want to see this photo!

  2. Hello, I am interested in the possibility of becoming a member of your team. How would I go about applying or interviewing? Do you post when you are looking for new members?

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you were accepting any new investigators? I am a believer in the paranormal and believe that I have some psychic ability that I would like to develop further. This may be a way for me to do that.


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